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TAKACHI is a leading enclosure manufacturer for the electronics and industrial industry, among others.
We both manufacture and retail various high quality and customizable standardized enclosures.
We provide a wide range of electronics and industrial enclosures: aluminium enclosure, plastic enclosure, handheld enclosure, diecast aluminium box, stainless steel box, 19"rack mount enclosure, IP67・IP65 plastic box, etc...


Plastic enclosure
Plastic enclosure

Plastic project box
Flanged plastic enclosure
Plastic desktop case

Hand-held enclosure
Hand-held enclosure

Key fob enclosure
Case with battery compartment
Aluminium mobile enclosure

Aluminium enclosure
Aluminium enclosure

Extruded aluminium enclosure
Instrument Enclosure
Sloped console enclosure

Aluminium enclosure
Heat-sink enclosure

Cooling case
Aluminium profile enclosure

Rack mounting enclosure
19" Rack mount enclosure

Rack mount chassis
Rack mount case

IP65 Plastic enclosure
IP67・IP65 Plastic enclosure

Watertight plastic box
Nema enclosure

Aluminium die-cast enclosure
Diecast Aluminium enclosure

IP67 watertight enclosure
Diecast stomp box
Aluminium project box

Stainless steel enclosure
Stainless steel enclosure

IP65 Stainless steel box
Watertight stainless steel box
Junction box

Battery box / Battery holder
Battery box / Battery holder

CR2032 coin cell holder
Lithium battery holder
AA battery holder

Enclosure Accessories

Universal PCB / Rubber feet
Carring handle / Gromet

Customized enclosure
Customized enclosure

Hole milling / Drilling
Punching press
Silk-screen printing / Painting




2019-2020 Enclosure catalog is now available!
Over 2,500 new items have been added for a total of over 21,505 products.

Get your free catalog now by clicking on the Catalog request link!

Our new IP67 Plastic Enclosures are now available!

The latest evolution of the EX and MX series aluminium enclosures are now available!

New tablet sizes available now!
Stylish design with chamfered edge and IP67 waterproof enclosure.
8 different battery compartment types available: AAAx2, AAAx3, AAAx4, AAx2, AAx3, AAx4, AAx6 and No battery.
Elastic TPE grips provides for a more secured hold. Side grips are designed to be on thesides and corners of the enclosure to minimize drop impact.
Best suited for industrial measuring instrument, transceiver, controller, medical equipment and so on.

New smaller M6 thread size model and durable/chemical resistant stainless steel model are added.
Protective Vents reliably block ingress of wide range of contaminants, from rain and insects to dirt, dust, sand and other particulates, and enable water vapor molecules to diffuse through the microporous membrane, and pass freely out of the enclosure.

Distinctively designed, sleek and elegant aluminium case. Suitable for embedded system, measurement equipment, data transmitter, audio amplifier, and so on. Fitted Raspberry Pi (Pi 2 and 3 model) sized case also available.

Flat designed plastic case with double detachable panels.
Suitable for Wi-Fi access point, wireless LAN, controller or other various applications.
Made of flame-resistant ABS UL94V-0.
Addition of 6 new large-sized models for a total of 36 selectable sizes.

PF series Network box with wall mounting flange bottom design.
Made of flame-resistant ABS UL94V-0.
Addition of 6 new large-sized models for a total of 30 selectable sizes.
Suitable for Wi-Fi access point, wireless LAN, HUB, controller or other applications.

New tilt leg with eye catching colors and rounded design.
Non slip design with Elastomer (TPE) pad.
Available in 3 different color patterns, and is suitable for use with various enclosures.


Selected LC and PF series EMC shielded enclosures, LCE and PFE series are now part of our standard enclosure line-up!

IP67 Waterproof key fob enclosure.
Recommended for wireless remote control, RFID products,and small GPS.
Available in 2 sizes and selectable in 3 color combinations.
CR2032 coin battery, and no battery compartment types are available.

Corner guards are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing, and impact resistant.
Available in 39 different standard sizes with 16 different color combinations.
EMC shielding and Standard types are available.

IP65 is made possible by sealing between top & bottom covers and end panels with gaskets.
Available in 39 sizes and 6 color combinations.

Aluminium enclosure equipped with a highly efficient heat-sink top cover.
Suitable to be used as a fanless PC, power amplifier, power supply etc.
Selectable in 30 different sizes and 4 color types.

IP67 protection class enclosure.
White Gray color version is perfect for outdoor use by using ASA plastic having great ultraviolet resistance.
Easy installation onto the poles, pillars or posts with the optional bracket.
Addition of 10 new sizes for a total of 16 selectable sizes.

Short lead-time and low initial cost is possible for overlay sheet for use with our enclosures.
Orders for overlay sheets only is also possible.