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Customization Services

TAKACHI offers various customization services, such as hole milling and text/logo printing, among others, which are available to be utilized to meet your design specifications.

Detailed introduction for customization on the enclosures. Our services and facility including CNC Machining, Fiber Laser Cutting, Punch Pressing, Inkjet Printing, Overlay Sheet Manufacturing are introduced.

Advantages of TAKACHI's customization services
1. No enclosure designing required. 2. Quick machining process. 3. Short lead time for both machining and inkjet print processing.


CNC Milling - Laser Cutting - Punch Press

Plastic enclosures (hand-held type) milling

Fiber laser cutting - aluminium panel

The most efficient machining method will be selected depending on the material type and quantity. Specifically, plastic, aluminium extrusion, and aluminium die-cast material types will be processed via our high speed CNC machining process for a high precision finish.


Inkjet Printing - Laser Marking - Silkscreen Printing - Engraving

Mass printing on plastic enclosures (hand-held / small type)

Printing on aluminium extrusion frame

Text, logos, serial numbers and much more can be printed without long lead-times.
Specifically, inkjet printing, as compared to silk screen printing, has a much shorter lead-time and significantly lower initial cost.


Overlay Sheet Manufacturing

NC cutting plotter

Embossing process

Why are our initial cost and lead-time for overlay sheet manufacturing low?

  1. By utilizing our inkjet printer, printing can be performed from just a vector file without the need to manufacture a mold.
  2. By utilizing our in-house cutting plotter machine, the manufacture of a press mold for cutting can be eliminated.
  3. By utilizing our perfected production methods, the cost to manufacture an embossing mold can be drastically reduced.


Fasteners, Studs & Inserts

Clinching Fastener

Stud welding

A wide variety of inserts, fasteners, and studs are available for selection, with a low lead-time requirement.
Aluminium stud welding can be performed without the need for hole milling.