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CNC Milling - Laser Cutting - Punch Press


Depending on the material properties and batch quantity, different machining services may be utilized


CNC Milling

What is CNC milling? It is a form of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining, utilizing a rotating cylindrical cutting tool which drills away at the work-piece. It is the primarily machining method used for plastic, aluminium extrusion, and aluminium die-cast type enclosures. Additionally, counterbore and chamfered milling is also possible via CNC machining.


Machining on small hand-held plastic enclosures
Machining on waterproof
plastic enclosures
Mass production of
aluminium panels
Machining on aluminium
19" rack panel
Machining on aluminium extrusion frames
Machining on aluminium
die-cast enclosures
Machining on heat-sink enclosures


Laser Cutting

Lase cutting utilizes a laser to perform cutting. on an object, allowing various types and shapes of holes to be cut.
New fiber laser machine allows the processing of aluminium sheets with both high precision and speed.
Processing of Pure Aluminium 1050 is also possible with minimal burr as compared to conventional CO2 laser machines, which causes excessive burring.

Fiber laser cutting - aluminium panel
Fiber Laser cutting - Stainless steel boxes


Punching Press

What is punching press? It is a type of machine press used to cut holes in material via the use of various sized die sets.
Punching press allows the realization of high cost performance due to its high speed automated turret punching process, which significantly reduces machining lead-time.
Due to its ability to create designated sized holes by means of rapid multiple hole punches, this enables it to punch holes of various sizes and types quickly and efficiently.


Turret Punch Press operation
Mass production of aluminium panels


Clinching Fastener / Stud Welding

Clinching fasteners and stud welding services are available on-demand, with various types and shapes of inserts available for selection.
The welding of various sized studs are possible without the need for hole milling.


Clinching fastener
Stud welding


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