TAKACHI ELECTRONICS ENCLOSURE CO., LTD. Manufacturer of electronics, industrial enclosure
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TAKACHI ELECTRONICS ENCLOSURE provides various electronics, industrial enclosures:
plastic enclosure, Hand-held enclosure, aluminium enclosure, desktop case, 19" rack mount enclosure, diecast alminium box, stainless steel box, IP67・IP65 plastic box, Nema enclosure, battery holder, and customized enclosure.

Each PDF product information and CAD data are downlordable at the following product section page.
Plastic enclosure
Plastic enclosure

Plastic project box
Flanged plastic enclosure
Plastic desktop case

Hand-held enclosure
Hand-held enclosure

Key fob enclosure
Case with battery compartment
Aluminium mobile enclosure

Aluminium enclosure
Aluminium enclosure

Extruded aluminium enclosure
Instrument Enclosure
Sloped console enclosure

Aluminium enclosure
Heat-sink enclosure

Cooling case
Aluminium profile enclosure

Rack mounting enclosure
19" Rack mount enclosure

Rack mount chassis
Rack mount case

IP65 Plastic enclosure
IP67・IP65 Plastic enclosure

Watertight plastic box
Nema enclosure

Aluminium die-cast enclosure
Diecast Aluminium enclosure

IP67 watertight enclosure
Diecast stomp box
Aluminium project box

Stainless steel enclosure
Stainless steel enclosure

IP65 Stainless steel box
Watertight stainless steel box
Junction box

Battery box / Battery holder
Battery box / Battery holder

CR2032 coin cell holder
Lithium battery holder
AA battery holder

Enclosure Accessories

Universal PCB / Rubber feet
Carring handle / Gromet

Customized enclosure
Customized enclosure

Hole milling / Drilling
Punching press
Silk-screen printing / Painting